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Florence, Italy 2016

Florence, Italy 2016

"There’s a rhythm in rush these days. Where the lights don’t move and the colors don’t fade
Leaves you empty with nothing but dreams. In a world gone shallow, In a world gone lean."

As this year comes closer and closer to its end. I cannot help but wonder of all of the ends that are nearing; as if it's the seasons of lasts. Like the last time going to your favorite bar with your friends, or the last time you and your friends will be only down the hall or down the street; or like the last time you go on an adventure with your adventure partner(s). The truth is, it's one of the terms and conditions of life. You accept to play, but have realize that nothing is permanent. It all has to end eventually, and you don't know when it will. We're suppose to cherish it while it lasts, but we unknowingly take it for granted. We don't appreciate it, until we know it's ending. When we realize this, we scramble to make it last, and to soak up every possible second of it.

This year has had a lot of endings for me. And while I knew that these would all come to pass, I still can't help but wonder. It's a strange feeling. Knowing that something is going to end. It makes you appreciate the little things. Like small glances at your best friend, where you know exactly what each other is thinking. Little things like ordering a pizza and lava cakes at 1 in the morning because your roommate is stressing over finals. Little things like going to a bar while there's a tornado watch to do homework, because why not. It's meeting up with someone you haven't seen in two years. It's talking to someone new, and not realizing how it will affect you.

You see, life have it's big moments, like graduating from uni, buying a house, getting married, or starting a family. These are big milestones, and they do greatly affect your life, but I like to think that life is in the little insignificantly significant moments. That's where it happens in the book of life; between the chapters, it's the sentences that truly affect us. If you take anything away from this, it's the little things and moments in life that truly affect us the most. Because when the end comes, and will come, those little moments are what you'll remember the most. So get out there and make some "insignificant" memories, because the clock is ticking.



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