John Clevenger
Adventurer | Pixel Enthusiast | Multipotentialite




John Clevenger is an adventurer, visual creator, and multipotentialite. John furthered his education at Bowling Green State University in Visual Communication Technology specializing in photo, video, interactive media and print. His photo work ranges from commercial, action, and lifestyle portraiture, and his design work consists of both graphic and web design.

John's personal philosophy is: Democratize Design. He believes everyone deserves to have access to well crafted design. Everyone has a moment they want captured to remember for the years to come. His philosophy goes hand in hand with his mantra of "empower people" He wants his work to empower people and show them that the beauty in life isn't always the big moments, but the little ones that are often taken for granted.

John currently resides in Colorado Springs, Colorado, and is open to accepting new work.